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Business Intelligence

Choose from a selection of reporting tools to extract data quickly and accurately from Opera 3. XRL provides a direct link between Excel and Opera 3 – you can create your Management Accounts in Excel and populate them with the latest data instantly. You save time and effort by using XRL and completely avoid the need to copy/paste data into your spreadsheets. XRL also provides the ability to analyse the imported data by drilling down to transaction level for a complete view of your financial data.

Many reports can be scheduled and delivered automatically by using Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM). You can choose to deliver certain reports on a scheduled basis or you can alert users to a specific issue which requires attention.

For users who prefer to see their data presented in a graphical format, Pegasus Dashboards offers a browser based reporting tool which can present Opera 3 data as a range of mini charts or lists. This is ideal for those users who require a quick snapshot of data but who may not need access to the full Opera 3 system.