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By default the Sinica Agent displays a list of Personnel and visitors who are currently on site, as below.

sinica tip


You can change the Agent to just display Personnel or Visitors by selecting ‘Personnel Only’ or ‘Visitors Only’ from the View menu.

By selecting ‘Tiles’ or ‘Large Icons’ from the View menu you can also include their photos when they have signed into Sinica.

sinica tip 2


Sinica lets you create your own notice screens, these can be imported as either a RTF (Rich Text File) or XPS (XML Paper Specification) file format. We recommend that you always use the XPS file as the formatting will be exactly replicated on the Sinica Console screen, unlike a RTF file. Creating a XPS is straight forward, create your one page document in any Microsoft Application, we recommend PowerPoint, Publisher or Word. Once your are happy with your design (Note: the document will be scaled down to fit the Sinica Console screen), follow the instructions below:

Choose ‘Save As’ from the File Menu

Select where you wish to save the file

Type your File Name

Then from the ‘Save as Type’ dropdown box choose ‘XPS Document’

Click on the Save button

The file is now ready to be imported into the Sinica System, you can also open the XPS file in any PDF reader program.