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Create a personal Office 365 email contact group

You can create a personal email group, which is a group that is stored in your Contacts folder and can contain entries from your personal Contacts and from your company address book.

Please note that you will not be able to share this group with others.

  1. Sign in to your Office 365 email.
  2. On the Office 365 Toolbar at the top of your screen, click on “People”.
  3. Click on “+ New” option on the top left of the page that opens, click on “create group”.
  4. This will open a blank group form. Enter the group name that you want and any notes. To add members, type the name of the person you want to add in Members. Outlook Web App will search for a match in your Contacts and in your company address book. If a match isn’t found, you can search for that person. You can also type an email address directly in Members. Press Enter to add your selection to the group. when you’re done, select “Save” to save your changes or “Discard” to cancel.
  5. The group will be listed under “My Contacts” and you will be able to search and send emails to this group as you would to one of your contacts.
  6. To add or remove entries in the future, select the group in the list and then select “Edit”. To delete the group entirely from the list click on the “…” to the right of “Edit” and the delete option will appear, or the select the group in the list and press the delete key.