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For the email enthusiast

Tip no. 1

By now, most of us have probably mastered the art of managing our emails. Most likely by categorising all of them into various folders. However, what naturally happens is that you end up having a seriously long list of folders you have to scroll down before finding the one you’re looking for. Did you know that there is a more time efficient way to go about this? If you add a number in front of your folder, it immediately brings that folder up to the top of your list. That means that you can number the folders you’re using most often at that time, and have them at your fingertips instead of having to spend more time finding them.


Tip no. 2

Do you often find that you have to type the same sentence or paragraph into different emails? For instance if you’re asking for feedback on a project every month, or reminding your team about the same meeting once a week. You might be using a template to copy and paste the same paragraph, but there’s an even easier way: it’s called Quick Parts. Once you’ve written the paragraph you always need, select it and click Insert. Click Quick Parts in the Text section and you’ll have the option to Save Selection to Quick Parts Gallery. Once you’ve done this, you’ll always have the option to re-use this piece of text by simply selecting Quick Parts and inserting it into your email.


The beauty of Microsoft Office is that the programmes are so intuitive you can customise them to fit your own very specific needs. And with these great tips you can do so even more efficiently.