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Four simple steps to receive less spam!

Adding people to the safe sender list means you can generate a list of senders that you consider safe to receive e-mail messages from. This means, when you receive an e-mail message from a sender that is from the trusted list, that e-mail message is delivered directly to your inbox.

This can be done manually or automatically, as the following steps will explain.

Important: Although you may have activated a ‘safe sender list’, it is still possible to receive unsafe e-mail messages that can do damage to your computer.

Step 1:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click on Junk from the drop down box on the top toolbar.


Step 2:

  • Select Junk email options. This will open a new window which shows your junk email options. Here you can choose the ferocity of the spam filter.


Step 3:

  • Choose the next level down on your spam filtering options. Choosing no filtering could cause an influx of SPAM.
  • Click on the Safe Senders tab at the top.


Step 4:

  • If you wish to add any domains/emails to the whitelist click add. To add a domain you must have a preceding “@” before the domain name, e.g “@mtservices.co.uk”.
  • Tick both the corresponding box which states – “Automatically add people I email to the safe senders list” and “Also trust email from my contacts”.