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How Managed Encryption can protect your business.

It is common to hear reports of laptops or USB Drives being stolen, lost or left on public transport which contain sensitive information. This information is often reported to be ‘Top Secret’, ‘Bank details’ or ‘Medical Files’ but what would you class as your sensitive data and how much of it is stored on unsecure devices?

Many business sectors such as finance and retail are subject to regulatory standards regarding the protection of any consumer information they hold, failure to protect this information can lead to significant fines.  However even businesses who do not deal with consumers directly also keep sensitive employee information and confidential business or intellectual property information.

While the media currently mainly concentrates on reporting data being stolen by computer hackers, the majority of data loss happens due to more mundane reasons.  Common causes of sensitive data loss include:

Unless they have compliance directives many SMEs are unaware of their responsibilities and exposure regarding confidential information, even more so as the proposed new European data protection legislation starts to be rolled out in 2015. Under the new EU directive if a business suffers a data breach they will need to inform the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and their customers and could be liable for millions if found to be negligent.

These fines will be calculated dependent on what measures a business has put in place to protect its data before the breach occurred. Data encryption, better passwords and better education of the dangers of sharing and losing data are all significant areas which many businesses can be improved.

In a recent survey more than 50% of SMEs said they were not encrypting personal data, over a quarter said they did not know if they were using encryption or not and 7% admitted to being unaware what data encryption was. If businesses are slow to adopt encryption for personal information, the take up rate for critical business data is even less.

One reason for the slow take up of data encryption by SMEs is a lack of understanding of what encryption actually involves and the solutions currently available.  Encryption is thought of as complex, time consuming and expensive, which is no longer the case.

The Managed Encryption service is part of SystemCare and is a simple to use fully featured solution which requires minimal user interaction at a cost effective monthly cost.


Wayne Harrison

Technical Director