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Protect your business from the dangers of the web.

Every business now depends on the internet to some extent, unfortunately the web can be a dangerous place populated with inappropriate content, cybercriminals, hackers and people tracking your usage, which is why we would always recommend Web Protection as part of a multi layered security solution.

As a business you need to have policies in place that not only protect your IT infrastructure and productivity but also your employees. Using a web access policy can eliminate the temptation for employees to visit inappropriate sites at work that lower productivity and also prevent accidental viewing of content such as pornography.

However your web access policy must be flexible as some users need to access websites to carry out legitimate work, while the same websites could be banned under a company’s web policy for other users. For example marketing staff would want to use social media sites as part of their job role and purchasing staff would need access to online shopping sites.  Many of our customers also have policies in place where staff have internet access outside normal working hours and during lunch time, however during working hours internet use is restricted.

A robust web protection solution needs to go beyond simply blocking your users from visiting malicious sites though. The most common way computers are compromised via the web is when websites infect computers with malware. Some websites are designed specificity to infect the computers that visit, restricting the websites your users can visit can help combat this. However cybercriminals also compromise legitimate websites and also use these sites to spread malware.

When considering Web Protection solutions from your IT Support provider you need to ensure they include the following:

MT Services provides a robust, flexible and easy to use Web Protection solution as part of our SystemCare IT Support solution.

Ian Cooper

Sales Director