SaaS Backup

With more and more businesses relying on Microsoft 365 to run their daily operations, there’s a need for more advanced backup and data protection than what Microsoft can provide.

SaaS Backup

Data backup in the cloud is proven to be just as important as traditional on-premise IT backup. So much so, Microsoft recommends a third-party solution to securely backup your cloud data to avoid any possible data loss risks.

To maintain a secure and compliant business environment, SaaS backup doesn’t just backup your data, it enables you to save money and effort by preserving inactive Microsoft 365 users for as long as you need it.

Data Protection

SaaS Backup can back up all your customers’ Microsoft Office 365 data with flexible restore capabilities. You can restore Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive data in full or with highly granular detail.

All SharePoint data, including different site templates, custom lists, permissions, and metadata, can be backed up and restored.

With SaaS Backup, businesses can eliminate the risk of items lost due to accidental or malicious deletion. They can also retain emails and files indefinitely, with unlimited storage, even if the employee has left the organisation.


M365 Support

Flexible full or granular restore of Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams

Backup and restore everything in OneDrive & SharePoint

Backup and restore Exchange archived mailboxes

File-revision recovery – specific file revisions as needed

Unlimited storage and retention

Data Loss Happens

Whether you’re new to Microsoft 365 or have been using the platform for years, unexpected data loss can happen to anyone.

About 70 percent of all SaaS lost data is due to either accidental or malicious deletion of data by end-users. While Microsoft 365 is architected to ensure continuous service availability, the measures taken to prevent permanent data loss are limited.

Cloud Native

Full Software-as-a-Service solution

Instant scalability

Powered by Azure Cloud

Uses the Microsoft Azure network – staying in the network for better performance

Supports geo residency requirements User data is encrypted in transit (TLS) and at rest using industry standard AES 256* encryption.

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