User Security Awareness Training

Reduce user-related security incidents caused by human error and drive resilience to phishing attacks through personalised staff training programmes.

User Security Awareness Training

User-targeted attacks have seen a huge increase in the past couple of years, not least due to the rapid switch of staff working from home, sophisticated attacks like phishing and business email compromise have surged.

Common attacks like phishing have rapidly evolved over the past few years, and businesses have been slow to put in place effective measures for combating the growing risks. Resulting in more breaches, costly financial hits and damaging data losses.


Employes are your first line of defence

Whether it’s sharing passwords with colleagues, emailing sensitive data to the wrong recipient or falling victim to a phishing attack, employees are seen as the ‘weakest link’ in your cyber security.

That’s why it’s vital to understand where the human vulnerabilities exist within your business and to train staff regularly to reduce the risk of a data breach, fines or damage to your business’s reputation.

Human Risk Management (HRM) is the new class of user-focused security that enables you to do just that through personalised security awareness training programs, periodic phishing simulation campaigns, and ongoing dark web monitoring





Drive user resilience to sophisticated phishing attacks

Reduce security incidents caused by human error

Demonstrate compliance with key standards

Understand your business’s employee security posture with a human risk score

Dig deep into ongoing human risk with training, phishing and policy reporting


Humans are targets

36% of data breaches involve phishing

90% of data breaches involve human error

61% of breaches involved credentials

96% of social engineering attacks are delivered through email

13.4% of employees are likely to submit their password on a fraudulent phishing page


Key standards like ISO 27001 require regular staff training

Insurers generally expect staff security awareness training to already be in place

Insurers identify email Phishing tests as key risk controls

Showcase your human risk and data protection efforts in audits and demonstrate compliance standards


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