Remote Worker Support & Security

During the pandemic, working from home became much more widespread and now the hybrid working model is here to stay. While working from home has many benefits, it also exposes businesses to a new range of cyber security risks. That’s why it is essential to give serious consideration to remote worker connectivity and security.

Remote Worker Support

We work with businesses of all sizes to deploy and manage their remote working IT environment, as well as providing IT Support for their staff working from home.

We provide a number of connectivity options including secure VPN connections (with MFA), hybrid Microsoft Windows 365 virtual PCs and cloud computing solutions. Many of our customers have improved their communication and collaboration with their workforce using Microsoft Teams and Teams Phone.

Our remote worker support solution enables to support home workers to the same standard as office based staff, deploying our remote monitoring and management software to enhance productivity and IT security.

Remote Worker Security

Remote workers are increasingly being targeted by Cyber Criminals as home networks are more vulnerable than secure office networks. They may accidentally get involved in a network security incident as Criminal look to exploit people’s home internet networks to access business VPNs.

Remote work security best practices include implementing strong security protocols and technologies for remote access, providing Security Awareness Training for employees and strengthening your general security hygiene (such as strong, frequently changed passwords and Multi Factor Authorisation) when people aren’t in the office.


WFH Secuirty

Use business antivirus and internet security software.

Enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for all cloud services.

Use a Secure VPN (with MFA) to access business Networks.

Use a Centralised data storage system (on-premise or cloud).

Make sure passwords are strong and secure.

Provide Security Awareness Training.

Email Security

Email is the number one threat vector used by Cyber Criminals to attack remote workers, usually using Phishing attacks or Social Engineering.

A comprehensive email security solution, which provides gateway anti-spam protection and also AI inspection to identify phishing emails is crucial.

User Awareness Training is also crucial for remote workers helping them to question potential phishing emails.

WFH Advice

Staff are more likely to have their devices stolen (or lose them) when they are away from the office. Ensure their devices encrypt data while at rest, which will protect data on the device if it’s lost or stolen.

Advise staff to keep their devices safe and not allow other household members to access their work laptops, mobiles, and other forms of hardware. Ensure they password protecting their devices to prevent third parties from accessing them.

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